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Iron Rose Aussies are proud and dedicated breeders of the Australian shepherd breed.  We strive to breed dogs that can do it all and look good doing it.   They should have the best traits of the Australian shepherd breed with a sound temperament.  Our goal is to produce these talented dogs that can do it all and look good while doing it.  
Welcome to Iron Rose Aussies and discover the joys of owning an Australian Shepherd!
When looking at dogs and their titles it can be confusing what they stand for.  Here are some of the common ones you may find on our site. 
  •  HOF Kennel=Hall of Fame Kennel 

  • HOFX=Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel 

  • HOF. before a dog name= Hall of Fame Sire or Dam.                       

  • WTCH=Working and trialing champion (this is achieved by earning excellent titles herding sheep, ducks, and cattle).

  • CH=Conformation champion

  • GS-N – Gamblers Standard Novice

  • JV-N – Jumpers Veteran Novice

  • JV-N – Jumpers Veteran Novice              

Iron Rose Aussie is HOF Kennel # 153 and HOFX kennel #51. 

Tracy Lee

Peyton, Co.

Tina Bauhs

Hudson, Co.

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