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We have aussie puppies available. 

Please contact Tina Bauhs by call, email or text.

Two young herding/performance prospects. 
Pagani the blue merle aussie puppy eyeing sheep.
Blue merle female aussie available near Denver
Blue merle female aussie available near Denver
Black tri aussie puppy available near Denver
Black Tri female aussie available near Denver
Black Tri female aussie puppy available near denver
What getting a puppy from us means.

Have you ever wondered what's involved with buying an Australian Shepherd puppy?


We take breeding Australian Shepherds very seriously, with the goal of providing you with the very best Australian Shepherd puppy. We focus on achieving the best possible match to preserve the Aussie breed standard. We wait until our Australian Shepherd dogs are more than two years old before we breed them, which allows time for them to grow, perform and gain all their health clearances. Then, as part of ensuring you find the best Australian Shepherd puppy to buy, we carefully evaluate the best mate for our adult dogs, spending a lot of time evaluating pedigrees and health clearances. Importantly, we carefully consider what will create a dog that preserves the ideal characteristics of the Aussie breed.


To ensure you get the best Australian Shepherd puppy for your home, we don't allow for the selection of a puppy based on gender and color alone. We do our best to accommodate those preferences but think it's more important to ensure your Australian Shepherd puppy is the best fit for your home based on their temperament and personality. We think about the goals of your household and family first and foremost. Buying and owning an Australian Shepherd dog is a 12-15 year commitment and we strive to ensure you get the perfect match! We want you to enjoy a lifetime of fun and companionship with your Aussie. Finally, you should know we do not make a final choice on companion Aussie puppies until they are 7-8 weeks old, allowing time to properly evaluate the structure and temperament of our puppies, so you get the best Australian Shepherd puppy for your family.


We raise our Australian Shepherd puppies in our homes. They receive lots of attention and exposure to household sounds and experiences. We take time to expose our Aussie puppies to lots of people and children. Your Australian Shepherd puppy will have a great social start and will be ready to mold into your ideal companion. We encourage continued socialization of your new Aussie puppy and, if you're new to owning Australian Shepherds, a good puppy class to learn some basics. 


The cost for a companion Australian Shepherd puppy is $2,000 and we allow them to go home at 8-9 weeks of age. Your Aussie puppy comes with a CERF from a board-certified ophthalmologist, worming, and one set of vaccinations. Our Australian Shepherd puppies are double-registered through both the ASCA and the AKC.


We believe in being a continued partner and source of help for you when you desire it and have forged many friends through our continued partnership with clients who love their Australian Shepherds. We look forward to being part of your journey to find the best Australian Shepherd puppy for you!

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