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Yasny, Australian Shepherd
Yasny picture

Yasny is a very special Aussie.  She has displayed the classic characteristics of a working/herding Aussie.  She can do any farm and ranch work needed and look beautiful while doing it.  She preserves the best of the traits of the Australian shepherd while being able to get out into the outdoors and be the ideal companion dog at the same time.   As an Aussie puppy, she showed an immediate desire to work with stock.  She was a quick learner and was soon winning at large herding trials.   It was a joy to be her partner as she earned her working and trialing championship.  Her first litter of puppies is already showing tons of talent and promise in the herding arena.  We have no doubt they will follow in their parent's footsteps. 

DOB:            Black Tri Female

AKC #               ASCA#

OFA:                  CERF

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