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NorthbayXsell All Smiles at Iron Rose

Red tri Aussie puppy in Colorado
Red Tri Aussie stud dog
Red tri aussie in Colorado
Red Tri Aussie puppy
Red tri Aussie puppy in colorado
Red Tri aussie puppy in Colorado
Smiling Red Tri aussie male
Smiling Aussie puppy

Grin got his name because he smiles for everyone and everything.  

Grin came to us from Northbay and XSell.  This young red tri Australian shepherd is such a character.  Most notable, at the first meeting, is the huge grin that he will greet you with.  He loves to smile.  He is such a fun and easygoing dog.  He has the breed standard conformation with a large flowing side gait.  He loves to play with anyone who is game.  He gets along with everyone and is a joy to live with.  We are so excited to see what he will do in the show ring.  Please stay tuned for updates as he matures and hits the ring.

DOB:                            Red Tri MaleAKC#                            ASCA#OFA:  Too Young        Cerf :  clear/normal

Sire:  CH Northbay Xsell Better Not Tell.   "Snitch"
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